Hey internet. I'm Adam.

I'm a media & technology jack-of-all-trades.  A husband, nomad, photographer, dual-citizen, drone pilot, event producer, software engineer, technology leader, entrepreneur, and more.   I have a voracious hunger for helping people and learning new things.

My work has been used by corporate social media and have been in the vancouver news, My mom likes my photos too.

I'm currently building a portfolio for real estate, sports and concert photography. If you need photos of a property or event, please reach out.   It's challenging to improve skills without the opportunity to take lots pictures in ever-changing situations.  

I work pro bono for portfolio opportunities.  Contact me for more information.  

- Adam

Okay, what about Adam?

ugh, i really hate talking about myself, but here we go. This is me.

Born and raised down in the weird, sweltering heat of Austin, Texas. I spent a majority of my childhood breaking (and fixing) my parents electronics. If I wasn't in school, it was summer camps or road trips to canada to visit extended family.

I've always had a hunger for business & community.  As a kid, I remember designing stationary cards in MS Paint, printing them out on my parents printer and selling them to my neighbors door to door.   In middle school, A friend & I started mowing lawns together over the summer.  Our little lawn hustle became a very important lawn company for their family.  It still exists to this day and now supports dozens of families.

My "real" first job was at Hollywood Video.  Trusted to manage a store and a flock of teenagers, I loved spending all day talking about movies, tvshows, and videogames with my local community.  

In school, my focus was theater technology, computer programming, and web journalism.  I did fine in school, but much of my actual education was moving to the internet – I wasn't limited to just what the teachers had to teach, anything I wanted to learn more about I simply... could learn more online.  In many cases, I had more free time than my teachers did and my hunger for knowledge was voracious.  When I wasn't learning via the internet, I was playing games via the internet.  Connecting and making friends with people all over the world.   Ask me about my adventures in Lineage II, EverQuest, or Ragnarok Online.  I could write a book about those alone.

Its a good thing my mom never saw the internet as a bad thing, as my side-hustles had moved online, too  – hosting websites, game servers, designing flash ads, to developing websites, bundling it all up and selling it to strangers on the internet.  PayPal nor my clients had no idea I was a teenager, all they cared was I had a bank account.  (again, thanks mom!)

After school, I got into the media & tech industry. I joined a company building a video & livestream product before Twitch(JustinTV), Youtube or Netflix existed.  We were a full service MSP, offering websites, email, security services, backups, and custom software to a very large customer base. More importantly, I met Meagan, and we got married.

In 2011, I was luckly enough to be noticed by a fast growing media company. They hired me as an early technical engineer -- lots of mistakes, long hours & hard work ahead.  I started by stabilizing the website, then built a helpdesk, started a budget, authored some internal business software, got promoted and recruited an army.  

Together, we wrote community products for passionate fans, scaled a video platform to the masses, manage a multi-million dollar storefront, met compliance reviews for government agencies, and survived multiple mergers & acquisitions. Billions of views, likes & subscribes. We create thousands of hours of content, commercials, cartoons & podcasts for the biggest & best. Produce live events attracting hundreds of thousands of fans in Austin, London, and Sydney. Run live streams for Google, Microsoft, Bethesda, Blizzard, E3, and more.  Co-produced a live improv comedy gamer-show and took it all over the world.  We made two documentaries about it too.  Met titans & heroes.  Very few regrets.  

In 2019, in search of mountain views and better weather, Meagan & I moved to Canada.  We we now reside in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  Meagan runs her real estate agency, MeaganBaird.com, and I still work at one of the largest US media companies in the world, albiet remotely. 🍁

My side hustle never stopped either.  In the last 10 years, my hosting company grew to a technology consultancy and served various startups & venture capitalists in Content Creation, Machine Learning, Business Risk, Healthcare and Real Estate investment sectors.  Clients include some of the largest channels on youtube, many social media influencers, sports media streaming news providers, and many more.

During the pandemic, I redirected a lot of my spare energy into a socially-distant passion for photography, finding it blends my skill with technology and passion for creativity perfectly.

I also love to travel, which hasn't happened a lot lately.  I've been all over the US, Mexico, Canada, and multiple cities in Panama, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Australia, France, and The Netherlands.  Eager for a world where it's easier to add to this list.

Please contact me if you'd like to know more or get coffee.  I also frequent dogparks and local events around Vancouver.    Be a good human.   ✌️

~ Adam.


but what the gruff?

Grufftech is just my online moniker or pen name.  It was a suggested username when I was signing up for xbox live as a kid and it seemed fitting.  

Gruff, is just what my internet friends call me.

gruff.tech is my technology consultancy (if active).

gruff.media is my creative outlet.