Hey internet. I'm Adam.

I'm a media & technology adam-of-all-trades.  

A husband, nomad, photographer, astronomer, drone pilot, producer, software engineer, technology leader, entrepreneur, and more.    I have a voracious hunger for helping people and learning new things.  

Most days you can find me exploring vancouver, taking pictures, or hanging out at the dogpark. ✌️

- Adam
Empower Creativity.

Cloud Inversion @ Cypress Viewpoint, 2022
Artwork by Laurin Crozier

but what the gruff?

'Grufftech' is just my online moniker or pen name.  It was a suggested username when I was signing up for xbox live as a kid and it seemed fitting.  A few dozen social networks later and it's stuck.

Gruff, is just what my internet friends call me.

gruff.tech is my technology consultancy (if active).

gruff.media is my creative outlet.